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Centers of Excellence

Obstetrician Specialist

Child Vaccination & Care

High Risk Pregnancy Care

Surgery Specialists

OBS & Gynaecology​

            • Family Planning
            • Menopausal Gynaecology
            • Urogynaecology
            • Minimal Invasive Surgeries
            • Gynaecological Oncology


            • Neonatology (newborn care)
            • Developmental Pediatrics
            • Adolescent Care
            • Paediatric Orthopaedics
            • Pediatric Cardiology and Cardio Thoracic Surgery
            • Pediatric Emergency and Critical Care


            • Appendix
            • Wound Debridement
            •  Hernia
            •  Inguinal Hernia Repair
            •  Mastectomy
            •  Partial Colectomy
            •  Brest Surgery

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            • Acute Lung injury / ARDS
            • Severe Pneumonias
            • Pleural Effusion
            • Bronchitis
            • Asthma


            • Pediatrics
            • Oncology
            • Plastic Surgery
            • Gastroenterology
            • Pediatric Surgery
            • General surgery
            • Neurology
            • Gyanecology
            • Medicine

Reviews on Google

Vijay Hule
Vijay Hule
Wonderful experience with Flora Multispeciality Hospital. Dr. Mangesh Jagdale was a wonderful Doctor, and the staff was always helpful and kind. I am so glad I chose Flora Multispeciality Hospital, Ravet, Pune and would highly recommend to anyone. -Vijay R. Hule
jinal dharod
jinal dharod
Nurses & staff are nice. bt they have no experience in insurance procedure....
Prabhudas Suryawanshi
Prabhudas Suryawanshi
Not clen hospital very bad service
Dnyaneshwar bhandare
Dnyaneshwar bhandare
worst hospital.. rates too high.. not recommended.
Good 👍
Namita Pawar
Namita Pawar
Bad service to insurance coverage patient.i just got discharge .they even not given discharge summary and detailed bill and reports to me.ravet's bad hospital
Dipak Newase
Dipak Newase
shafi mulla
shafi mulla
Very professional staff and very we'll equipped , clean and well managed Hospital. I had a great experience during my daughter treatment.


flora hospital pune ravet


• Well Equipped OT • ICU • X-Ray • ECG • EEG • NST

24*7 Service flora hospital pune ravet


• 24-Hour Service • Rapid Response • Persistent Support

cardio vascular specialist flora ravet


flora hospital pune ravet

Health Check Up

flora hospital pune ravet


flora hospital ravet pune

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फ्लोरा मल्टीस्पेशालिटी हॉस्पिटल

वंध्यत्व आणि स्त्री रोग निवारण शिबीर

श्री. आय व्ही एफ क्लिनिक आणि फ्लोरा मल्टीस्पेशालिटी हॉस्पिटल यांच्या संयुक्त विद्यमाने.


 Flora Multispeciality Hospital

How Do I Make Payments Using Paypal? How Does It Work?

Online Mode, Cash , Helping for Insurance policy, Cheque Other

Is it certified Hospital ? Approved?

Flora is private hospital with legal certification. We have NABH approval.

How to reach?

Online appointment you can schedule or visit directly as well. Contact us on hospital number. 24*7 Emergency service available

Does doctor has SPECIALIST for Gyneac and Obs

Dr. Rajendra Mahajan and specialist doctors team are available for your care. Personal Care, Safe and secure treatments and consultation.

OPD Time ?

You can schedule appointment or directly reach to a hospital as per your choice. 24*7 Open for all.

Facilities ? Rooms? Test and check up?

You will get high technology support from us for all check up and test. Comfort bed and suitable rooms available as per the choice. Operation theater, waiting space, pharmacy and more...

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