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Signs of a Healthy Pregnancy

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What Are The Signs Of A Healthy Pregnancy?

Consistent Growth Patterns

Good growth and development is the surest manner to keep track that your foetus is developing into a healthy baby. Having regular antenatal care helps your healthcare practitioner to plot your baby’s development and ensure that growth milestones are being achieved.

Maternal Weight Gain

Attached to the development of the foetus is the weight gain and belly growth of the mother. At each antenatal appointment, your general practitioners will take your weight and measure the growth of your belly.

Foetal Movement

Your baby’s movements can usually be felt from about 5 months or 20 weeks and after some time you will start to notice a pattern to the movement. Your baby’s first movements are referred to medically as foetal quickening.

Foetal Heartbeat

Another measure of a healthy pregnancy that will be taken consistently at your antenatal appointments is your baby’s heartbeat. Foetal heartbeats can be heard from the fifth week of pregnancy and will range from approximately 100 to 160 beats a minute. Your healthcare practitioner may perform a non stress test to evaluate whether your baby has a healthy heartbeat at a later stage of your pregnancy.


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